Hot Fun in the Summertime  


I have been busy lately... pardon the interruption of what was more regular programming... This year is amazing so far. It's magickal for sure. The Summer of One is upon us. Let's get it on!

I knew moving into this artist enclave that time was limited for residents on the first floor. Now it's official....I will be out of here by the middle of next week. It's complicated, but has to do with the city inspecting the building and finding violations in terms of the landlord being allowed to rent the floor as a residence. It's supposed to be commercial.

Meanwhile, I have made a host of friends here and blossomed in new ways already. I really dig communal living arrangements. It helps you to examine yourself in context of all the interpersonal interaction that is inevitable when living together. It make for good socially conscious evolution.

Let's see... what else has been going on? So much stuff! Figment was amazing. If you've never been out to Governors Island in the NYC harbor, you should treat yourself. The land is covered by beautiful rolling hills, trees and meadows. It's a step out of time and a respite from the city madness. The ferry ride is free, so do yourself a favor and go explore. You can even take your bike out there and ride around all day. Soak it up! I was fortunate enough to get a chance to kayak down the east river from Long Island City, under all the bridges and right to the island. wow!

Last weekend the island was transformed by some of the most creative, interactive and participatory art happening anywhere in the world. The event sprung forth from the NYC Burning Man community. As such, the vibe was all about sharing, giving and joining in. I shot a bunch of video from this as well as from the Mermaid parade from last weekend. I met another editor who also does mad crazy and wonderful things with hula hoops (check out GrooveHoops). He'll spin out a little highlight video sometime next week. I am looking for a really solid editor for future collaborations. Maybe this is the one.

Mermaid was a blast. I dressed up, marched on the boardwalk, shucked oysters on the fly and danced on the streets of Coney Island. It was the time of my life. And what a lucky life it is that I Love so dearly.

Music has been ever present in my scene, as usual. Lately it's all about dub, bass, electronica. One of my housemates is a mega talented DJ/Producer. His current project Sub Swara is sick. And the soon to be weekly event he holds, called Church at the club named Love is a place to set your spirits free. Ecstatic dervish like dancing in a super peaceful, healing environment with some of the thickest, fattest soul drenching low frequencies you'll ever experience. The sound at this village club is phenomenal. I've filmed some of his shows and probably will do some more. People need to feel this music. It's transformative.

This weekend is get-out-of-the-city time. Upstate to camp with like minded fools. There will be new and old friends, swimming holes, waterfalls, hiking, fireworks, guns, propane explosions, whiskey, women, dancing... whew... the good life.

So, in all this... I move back into the truck. If I get a little funding, I want to add a good mix of cameras in the truck so that I can begin to broadcast live. I have a switcher, but need lipstick cameras, wiring, powersource, etc. We'll see what transpires this month. I will live in and out of the truck and NYC for July with a probable visit to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit my roots. Then after my birthday in August, get ready to drive west to Burning Man in Nevada.

Other missions this year include waking up the general population of citizens in this country to the tyranny and systems of control that exist all around them. Big Brother fascism and the dissolution of the rights of the People is occurring on all fronts. It's time to take a stand. It's time to educate. It's time to celebrate the Constitution and Bill of Rights in a way that make people take notice of the elements of a free society that are necessary to maintain true Liberty and Prosperity for all.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it seriously. Live Free or Die. Restore the Republic. But, don't forget to have fun too!

What next?

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