Dance Naked  


First of all...Happy Birthday Mom! I'll call you soon. Or maybe you'll read this first....

It's too damn hot in the city. Who sings that song? "Hot damn, summer in the city...". Loving Spoonful?? anyway...

The truck is loaded for driving and ready to go. Almost.... I just dropped it down the street for an oil change and to check the timing on the engine. It's been mis-firing. And need to fix my spare... then... off to new adventures.

I'm taking a week or so to go to Marquette, MI to visit family. My friend clark is coming with me. He has a court date in Cleveland for allegedly spraying graffiti. He also painted my truck, but I didn't press charges.

The ritual life celebrations with the tribe of friends have continued. Last weekend's festivities included donning a mask with a dozen other people and getting naked at 4am and dancing throughout the Danger warehouse party until the sun came up. Several people were spontaneously inspired to strip it off as well and frolic in their new found freedom. I don't usually make a habit of dancing naked, but it was liberating to say the least. Sunday was a slow going recovery day after only a couple hours of sleep. But we still managed to make it to Wonderland for a lovely deck side barbecue. I love all the people I've met in NYC since returning from the desert.

OK... time to hit the road. Many more adventures await.... stay tuned.


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