Mr Sick boy  


Besides whining about being sick, I talk a little about how I earn money to fund my projects/living. I started to fund my liberation from corporate slavedom. I also knew I would do a great job of serving people and helping out when they needed it.

I've actually had several futon and bed deliveries that allowed people to move up from sleeping on the floor. That's satisfying. To know that I helped contribute to somebody's good night of sleep.

It's not always joy though. Wait until you hear how this bronx wardrobe pickup turned out... easily my new number one least favorite job.

to be continued...

What next?

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1 comments: to “ Mr Sick boy

  • 2/18/08, 8:13 AM  

    Feel better. Try some lemon myrtle if you can get it there. Great for throat and chest infections. Tastes yummy on oats in the morning too.