Truck Troubles  


I'm sitting at the Border Grill on Washington St in Marquette waiting for my mahi mahi burrito with spinach, mushrooms, onions and, of course...addded 'fuego' sauce (it's GOT TO BE HOT!). Yum. Yum. I always eat here when I am in my hometown.

My truck is at Marquette Automotive. After pulling that U-Haul from Denver the other day, I noticed that there is a "whine" in the wheels/differential/transmission.

So, before I start the trek to Manhattan, I better get it inspected. Let's hope it is a simple fix, costing less than $100, because if more, then it will be VERY tight with funds to be able to afford the gas to New York.

Keep your fingers crossed.....

UPDATE: Spent $50 to find out my front differential is screwed. Forget 4 wheel drive now...not without $2000 of repairs. Damn.

What next?

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